ReNewTown expert

Doc., Ing., Ph.D.
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University in Ostrava
L. Podéště 1875, Ostrava, 710 00
Involvement of the expert in projects
1. Partnership for Czech brownfields The project aims at improvement of recent strategies and knowledge in regeneration of brownfields. It creates the platform for discussion and organizes workshops with experts, planners and researchers. 2. Optimal process of regeneration and further use of abandoned industrial areas in the Ostrava region. The project aim was to design a methodical procedure for regeneration of brownfields in the structurally affected region of Ostrava, including the aspects of regional policy, economy and development. 3. Proposal of evaluation model for the assessment of disparities and methodical procedure for it implementation. The aim of the project was to summarize the list of disparities, to evaluate them and to assess the factors, which cause these disparities. Furthermore, the project determines the level to which these factors can be modified. Finally, its goal is to create the model for evaluation of disparities and to implement the model in the public sphere.
Specialization of the institution
improvement of appearance of socialistic architecture
Specialization of the institution (description)
Research specialization of department (chosen aspects) – remediation technology, the impacts of buildings on the environment, ecological building, regeneration of brownfields and industrial area, methods of environmental impact assessment, ecological buildings.