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Department of Socioeconomics of Housing, Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Jilská 1, Praha 1, 110 00
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1. Research project: Efficiency and effectiveness of housing policies in the Central and Eastern Europe countries. 2. Publication: Lux, M., P. Sunega, T. Kostelecký, D. Čermák, J. Montag 2005. Housing Standards 2004/2005: Housing Finance and Refurbishment of Housing Estates, Praha.
Specialization of the institution
support of identity of local community with the place the community lives in
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)
Department is focused on studying housing expenditures (housing consumption). Its main research activities now relate to both the social and the economic aspects of housing and thus include such diverse topics as housing attitudes, housing preferences, housing affordability, international comparisons of housing policy and social housing systems, and econometric simulations of policy reforms, like rent deregulation, the introduction of housing allowance and social housing, housing finance, housing market efficiency, and house price indices. Other Projects: Social Inequalities and the Market Risks Following from Housing Consumption. The Real and Desirable Response of State Fiscal and Monetary Policies. Regional Disparities in Availability and Affordability of Housing, their Socio-economic Consequences and Tools directed to Increase Availability and Affordability of Housing and Decrease the Regional Disparities.