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Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig
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Interval-study Leipzig-Grünau – empirical long-term study on housing satisfaction in a large housing estate: Leipzig Grünau is the largest housing estate of the City of Leipzig. Since 1979 a long term survey was carried out to analyse the changes in the socio-demographic situation and the housing satisfaction in Grünau over the last 40 decades— also when large urban restructuring and demolition activities took place in the last 10 years.

Reduction of Housing Vacancy and Improvement of the Quality of Life - Sociological Investigations in the City of Weißwasser: The study focuses on the complexity of (social) problems that occur in vacancy affected housing estates. While Germany has carried out large urban restructuring programmes, the comlexity of problems that occur within such a process, were not investigated until then. The study aimed to identify those problems and to provide solutions for stakeholders that were involved in urban regeneration acitivites.

Polish and German large housing estates yesterday, today and tomorrow: The study focuses on German and Polish large housing estates. Large housing estates lost their attractiveness after the socialist era and there is still the question how to improve the quality of life in such estates. The study aims to investigate both the present acceptance of housing estates by citizens as well as their future potential.

Specialization of the institution
improvement of conditions and quality of the public spaces between the prefabricated blocks of flats
improvement of appearance of socialistic architecture
support of identity of local community with the place the community lives in
Specialization of the institution (description)
The UFZ has around 1,000 employees and lots of various research projects are carried out. This research institution investigates interactions between the environment and human beings. Furthermore the institution aims to elaborate practicial solutions within the large field of environmental research. Therefore the institution has at least an expertise in the following fields: Improvement of conditions of the public spaces between blocks of flats, improvement of the appearance of socialist architecture and support of the community in establishing a feeling of identity. A large number of projects, that were carried out by Prof Kabisch, have gained knowledge about the complexity of problems that occur within large housing estates in the post-socialist era. Furthermore possible solutions were evaluated and recommondations for local stakeholders were elaborated.

Publications on urban regeneration are e.g.:

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