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RNDr. Ph.D.
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Charles university of Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development.
Albertov 6, Praha 2 - Nové Město, 128 43
Involvement of the expert in projects
1) Spatial Deconcentration of Economic Land Use and Quality of Life in European Metropolitan Areas- participation in the project implementation 2) Processes and factors of socio-spatial differentiation in Prague and Berlin after 1990 – a research team member 3) Contemporary buildings in city promotion: attributes and foundation of high profile structures– a research team member
Specialization of the institution
Specialization of the institution (description)
In terms of basic and applied research, teams and individuals from the geographical institute investigate a diverse palette of topics, such as geomorphological threats, renewable energy sources, hydrological extremes and stream-flow regimes, water pollution and water protection, research on lakes, changes in land use, landscape ecology, regional development problems of selected areas, urbanization and suburbanization, changes in rural landscapes, internal and foreign migration, current changes in the demographic behaviour of residents, population prognoses, population climate and population policy, demography of the Roma population, the acquisition, processing and analysis of geographic information systems data or the transformation of geographical education.