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International Centre of Education Cracow Univercity of Technology
Warszawska 24 St., 31-155 Kraków
Involvement of the expert in projects

1.How to Turn a Place Around: A Handbook for Creating Successful Public Spaces – translation and preparation of the Polish version of the manual. How to Turn a Place Around is a friendly, common-sense guide for everyone, from community residents to mayors, on how to understand and improve the public spaces in their communities.

2."Turning Great Ideas into Great Public Spaces – a Conference on Practical Steps to Make Great Public Spaces a Reality" Dr Tomasz Jelenski was involved in the conference as an expert (one of a very few in Poland) in Project for Public Spaces.

3.Workshops in Podgórski Square in Kraków 26.04.2010 led by Dr. Thomas Jeleński based on the method of PPS (Project for Public Spaces). The method is used in many places around the world as a means of social participation in the transformation of public space.

4.Publications about public spaces: „Technical Transactions“ 2-A/2010 Workshop methods of public space programming and design in the housing environment

Specialization of the institution
improvement of appearance of socialistic architecture
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)

The International Centre of Education is an inter-faculty unit of the Cracow University of Technology. The aims of the Centre are twofold – firstly, to conduct Urban Studies and Sustainability Studies; – secondly, to provide one-year Preparatory Courses and short intensive Bridging Courses for international students intending to start studying in Poland.