ReNewTown expert

Prof. Dr.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics
Kardeljeva pl. 17, 1000 Ljubljana
Involvement of the expert in projects
• External expert. ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XXth Century in Urban Management / programme: SEE / 2011-2013 The project develops a concept of a trans-national cultural route from still unexplored opportunities of architectural traces related to totalitarian regimes of the XX° century in SE Europe. Project info: • Member of the Business Academy »Finance«. in this capacity a regular invited speaker at quarterly regional development forums where local business representatives meet with development policy-makers to discuss past development, current situation and future trends in a given community. Info: • Advisor to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia on the topic of the old city centres' revitalisation. In this capacity special attention is given city marketing issues as well as small retailers' survival strategies – their development and implementation.
Specialization of the institution
development of business sphere in the town quarters falling behind
development of cultural and social activities
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)
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