ReNewTown expert

Prof. Dr.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture
Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Involvement of the expert in projects
Instutitional expert: KC-TIGR - Kompetenčni center TRAJNOSTNO IN INOVATIVNO GRADBENIŠTVO / Competence Centre sustainable and innovative construction / ERDF / 2011-2013 Sustainable construction - complex context proposed in KC as its entirety. Development of key competences: innovative solutions and advantages in the global marketplace. With the proposed KC we represent environmental themes that deal with the use of natural resources. Instutitional expert: ALPTER – Terraced Landscapes of the Alpine Arc / program: INTERREG IIIB / 2004-2007 Interreg project ALPTER was conceived to counteract the abandonment of terraced agricultural areas in the alpine region, a problem that only during the last years has risen the attention of both institutions and population, for the loss of cultural heritage and the natural hazard that it can produce. Instutitional expert: ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XXth Century in Urban Management / programme: SEE / 2011-2013 The project develops a concept of a trans-national cultural route from still unexplored opportunities of architectural traces related to totalitarian regimes of the XX° century in SE Europe. Project info:
Specialization of the institution
improvement of conditions and quality of the public spaces between the prefabricated blocks of flats
improvement of appearance of socialistic architecture
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)
Details available in the Word file submitted to LP.