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Prof. Dr.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture
Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Involvement of the expert in projects
Instutitional project manager: ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XXth Century in Urban Management / programme: SEE / 2011-2013 The project develops a concept of a trans-national cultural route from still unexplored opportunities of architectural traces related to totalitarian regimes of the XX° century in SE Europe. Project info: Instutitional project manager: ARCHI21 – Architectural and Design based Education and Practice through Content & Language Integrated Learning using Immersive Virtual Environments for 21st Century Skills / programme: LLL / 2010-2012 ARCHI21 combines learning and teaching of, in and through the fusion of languages, architecture and design. Some case projects are searching for fragility of selected areas developed in the socialist contexts of the 20th century. Project info: Instutitional project manager: VIPA - Virtual Campus for Virtual Space Design Profided for European Architects / programme Elearning / 2005-2007 The Virtual Campus developed within the VIPA project represents a design teaching and research laboratory. Project info:
Specialization of the institution
improvement of conditions and quality of the public spaces between the prefabricated blocks of flats
improvement of appearance of socialistic architecture
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)
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