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Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences (Instytut Geografii i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania, Polskiej Akademii Nauk)
Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa
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Best Development Conditions in European Metropolises: Paris, Berlin and Warsaw (Best Metropolises) - ESPON 2013 The project focuses on processes of urban development that many cities and regions in the EU currently experience. Emphasis is laid on comparing cities, thus enabling them to identify similarities and common challenges in relation to the project’s three main themes: living conditions, mobility and governance in the metropolitan context. The analysis will focus on the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Paris and Warsaw attempting to gather information and knowledge that can be used in the planning, development and management practice of metropolitan cities and areas.

Restructuring Large Housing Estates in European Cities: Good Practices and New Visions for Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Cities. The project was funded under Key Action 4: "City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage" in the "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" programme within the Fifth Framework Programme of the EU. The results of the project: Handbook „Visions and scenarios for post-WWII large housing estates“, Inventory from the 10 RESTATE countries of the success- and fail factors in the estates.

New post-socialist city: Competitive and Attractive (ReNewTown) The project focuses on reducing the disparities in the quality of urban environment (defined as public spaces between blocks of flats and public buildings in industrial districts) of the post socialist cities. The proposed four investments in particular cities, and its assessment, will contribute to the partial solution of local problems.

PLUREL: Peri-urban Land Use Relationships – Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban – Rural Linkages It was a European integrated research project within the European Commissions sixth framework programme. (anuary 2007-March 2011)

Specialization of the institution
development of business sphere in the town quarters falling behind
support of identity of local community with the place the community lives in
looking for new functions for public structures built during the era of socialism
Specialization of the institution (description)

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Korcelli-Olejniczak E., 2007, Berlin and Warsaw: in search of a new role in the urban system of Central Europe, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. Globalization, urban systems and local development. Springer Netherlands.

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