What to do with the socialist cities in Central and Eastern Europe?

The last twenty years of political, social and economic development, has brought in general substantial modernization and improvements of the living conditions in urban areas. Over 300 million people in CEE live in areas impacted by socialist era. Close to 2/3 of them lives in cities and towns often with districts created and fast developing in socialist period. This is the case of Krakow in Poland, Prague and Ústí nad Labem in Czech Republic, Velenje in Slovenia and Hnusta in Slovak Republic .

ReNewTown project (“New post-socialist city: Competitive and Attractive”) focuses on reducing the disparities in the quality of urban environment (defined as public spaces between blocks of flats and public buildings in industrial districts) of the post socialist cities. The proposed four investments in particular cities, and its assessment, will contribute to the partial solution of local problems.




We are glad to inform you that one of the key ReNewTown project outcomes is now available:


Transnational Development Strategy for the post-socialist cities of Central Europe
elaborated by prof. Grzegorz Węcławowicz


Transnational Manual for Urban Revitalisation “ENGAGE. Brighter Future in Your Hands.”

Elaborated by Petr Hlaváček and Miroslav Cingl with expert assistance: VYCERRO Research Centre for Competitive and Sustainable Regional Development of J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.

Latest news


The 12th issue of the ReNewTown Newsletter is available

It includes:

An interview with Magdalena Wątorska-Dec, an expert in urban revitalization and ReNewTown project creator,

A short report on project final conference in Ljubljana,

A brief presentation of content and web links to the most important publications prepared during the project.