LP: IGSO, Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)

LP: IGSO, Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences (IGSO PAS) is an independent research institute, with the status of a legal person. The Institute consists of research units and departments: Spatial Organization, Urban and Population Studies, Rural Geography and Local Development, Cartography and GIS, Central European Forum for Migration Research, and three physical geography departments. In the interdisciplinary research activities of the IGSO PAS those which directly correspond to the project interests concerns long lasting research on “the Mechanisms of transformation of cities and metropolitan areas in Poland and Central Europe”. The theoretical research, empirical investigation concentrated on the post socialist urban space, together with the “participatory studies” (urban planning) has prepared out teem for conceptual and empirical implementation of our knowledge in practice.

Our experience have been recognized in the international scale by our involvement and active participation in the RESTATE (Restructuring Large-scale Housing Estates in European Cities: Good Practices and New Visions for Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Cities) project which was funded under the Key Action 4: “Cities of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage” in the “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development” programme within the Fifth Framework Programme of the EU.

Last years the Institute (IGSO PAS) conducted the research and expertise under the subjects: “The Progress of spatial planning in Poland”, “The Report about the Spatial Organization of the Country” for the Ministry of Infrastructure, the “National Spatial Development Concept” for the Ministry of Regional Development. The researcher of the Institute has also got the experience from leading and participation in numerous ESPON, INTERREG projects, 5th and 6th Framework Programme of the EU.

IGSO is a Lead Partner of ReNewTown project. The Project Coordinator is Magdalena Wątorska-Dec, Scientific Manager – prof. Grzegorz Węcławowicz, Communication Manager: Adam Bierzyński; Finance Manager: Magdalena Januszewska-Stępniak. The team consists also of several experts and technical staff.

More about on: www.igipz.pan.pl

Contact: g.wecla@twarda.pan.pl; decmagda@twarda.pan.pl