The C.K. Norwid Centre in Kraków (PL)

The C.K. Norwid Centre in Kraków (PL)

The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre is a municipal institution located in Nowa Huta district of Krakow. Its mission is to activate and educate local communities, thus preparing them to participate in culture and to create its value. Main areas of its activity are: literature and readership, film, theatre, music, national history and traditions, education in ecology, Information Technology, local development and promotion of Nowa Huta. For the last fifty years the culture centre boasted a reputation of a solid and trustworthy local partner.

The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre engages actively in the processes of revitalization of Nowa Huta district. Through its undertakings the institution strives to strengthen the social potential and its collaborative growth. It cooperates with the Municipality of Kraków in implementation of The Local Programme of Revitalization of the older parts of Nowa Huta as well as in conducting social consultations within the community.

The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre seeks to develop new initiatives and dynamically searches for public funding. As a leader of The Partnership of Initiatives for Nowa it devised a project 'Nowa Huta – a New Chance' (204-2008) which it subsequently successfully implemented as a part of EQUAL - European Community Initiative Programme. It collaborated with 6 EU countries to implement the programme aiming at economic and social revitalisation of postindustrial urban areas.

At the core of the culture centre's mission are services for senior community members, among which ever popular courses in computing call for mentioning. Its activities in this area have been recognized by the European Commission which resulted in the 'Active ICT' project – a part of GRUNDTVIG - Long Life Learning Programme.

The institution is an active member of various public schemes such as: Forum for Nowa Huta, Nowa Huta Ecomuseum and Forum Kraków. It is also a signatory and a member of the Malopolska Pact for Social Economy.

The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre is an exclusive producer of Nowa Huta Newsreel – a weekly seven minute chronicle documenting local affairs and profiles of renowned community members. It is presented in SFINKS Cinema as well as broadcasted on the regional television channel TVP3.

In ReNewTown project the C. K. Norwid Culture Centre will create the model of a modern artistic open space called ArtZONA accesible for the creative groups and individuals especially from Nowa Huta but also from all the city of Kraków nad tourists. It will be also involved in research activities, good practice report, Transnational Manual and Handbook of models.

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