The main objective is to create more balanced territorial development within towns and cities in the Former Eastern Block countries, by reducing disparities between districts.

The main disparities are identified between districts developed during socialist era (1945-1989) and other districts in the cities and towns.

Six specific objectives

  1. Creation of a model for development of cultural and social offer in districts with socialist burden (Nowa Huta in Krakow)
  2. Identifying ideas (models) for improving conditions and quality of public spaces between blocks of flats (Velenje)
  3. Creation of a model of entrepreneurship development in districts with socialist burden (Prague)
  4. Finding model solutions for improving appearance of socialist architecture (making visual aspects more attractive (Nowa Huta in Krakow, Velenje, Hnusta, Prague)
  5. Finding the ways for reinforcing the feeling if identity of local communities with their place of living (Nowa Huta in Krakow, Velenje, Hnusta)
  6. Identifying ideas for new/modern functions for public buildings created in socialist era (Nowa Huta in Krakow, Prague, Hnusta)