Prague 11 Metropolitan District (CZ)

Prague 11 Metropolitan District (CZ)

Prague 11, also called “South City”, is represents one of the fifty seven quarters of the Capital of Prague but also 22 bigger quarters which were in the year 1994 distinguished by numbers. The total area is more than nine square kilometres and it is divided two parts – “Chodov” and “Háje”. It has a population of 78 575 permanent inhabitants and a density of population is 8 299 inhabitants/km2, which is highest density of Prague.

The Prague 11 has the biggest panel housing in Czech Republic (one of the largest areas in Central Europe). According to original plan this big panel housing should became self sufficient, finally they built just “flats” because of lack of money. And this is reason why Prague 11 has the highest density of population and lack of parking places and still inadequate civic facilities.

However Prague 11 comes to realize these problems and it try to improve it. Prague 11 developed many project focused on the development of the territory, regeneration of the South City, Business and investments support, Free – time activities, Environmental protection. The district has also implemented a number of successful projects setting as objective the reduction of energy losses in public buildings (isolation of educational buildings, photovoltaic panels on administrative buildings).

In joining the ReNeTown project Prague 11 expects deeper understanding of possibilities and new methods regeneration of public buildings and spaces between blocks of flats. In project Prague will create a “Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises”. This Centre will show new usage of socialist public buildings and also there will be organized various events, which will inform the entrepreneurs about issues, problems, financial resources, market strategy etc.). Prague 11 hopes that it will be help a faster revitalization with block of flats with socialist burden and a character of district will be friendlier and more comfortable for life.

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