Brochures on the results of surveys and good practices


We present brochures on the results of surveys conducted in 8 Central European cities. The main objective of this surveys was to update and supplement the knowledge of the selected aspects of life quality problems and the revitalization actions taken so far in the post-socialist cities. The study was conducted in the cities of Karlsruhe (DE), Cottbus (DE), Usti and Labem (CZ), Chomutov (CZ), Rimavska Sobota (SK), Hnúšťa (SK), Velenje (SI) and Nova Gorica (SI). Important part of the study was the identification of good practices aiming at improving life quality of urban areas built during the socialist period. Presented good practices are just examples selected from the database of good practices available on the ReNewTown project website.


List of brochures will be completed soon

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