Evaluation of ReNewTown investments and newsletter no 7


The technical meeting in Ljubljana was held on 27-29 of November and was focused on the evaluation of the implemented investments within ReNewTown project. It was also opportunity to observe the selected good practice examples of urban revitalization from Ljubljana and Nova Gorica as well as meeting Slovenian experts. The 3-day meeting was organised by University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics (PP9).

The idea of ReNewTown technical meetings is to transfer expert knowledge on urban regeneration issues from different countries within the partnership by inviting local and national experts from the host country.




New issue of RNT newsletter (No 7) is closely related to Slovenian experiences, examples of initiatives and implemented investment in Velenje. The issue presents the following articles:

• Renovation of public space in Velenje was successfully completed
• International survey on large housing estates
• Three interesting initiatives concerning socialist urban heritage
• University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics – ReNewTown project partner
• The ReNewTown databases

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