Exchange of Experiences Seminar on ReNewTown Handbook of Models


Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences, a leading partner of the ReNewTown project, represented by Professor Grzegorz Węcławowicz and Magdalena Wątorska-Dec, presented one of the main results of the ReNewTown project - a Handbook of Models at the 8th National Scientific Conference 21st Century Cities in Prószków near Opole.

ReNewTown Handbook of Models "Post-Socialist City: A Role Model for Urban Revitalisation in the 21st Century" was presented at the plenary session of the conference in the context of models and strategies of change in the districts and post-socialist cities in Poland and Central Europe. It was a prelude to the thematic session "Transforming post-socialist cities in the national revitalisation programs and in the ReNewTown project" moderated by Professor Grzegorz Węcławowicz, PhD. During the session, a video was shown promoting the four pilot investments carried out under the project in Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In addition, the presentation of ArtZona in Nowa Huta as a model for the revitalization of the Nowa Huta district in Krakow, through cultural activities and environmental education, became an important point of reference for the exchange of experience concerning the revitalisation of urban area of the 21st century.

The conference also included a poster session, in which the participants were presented three pilot investments of the ReNewTown project: ArtZona in Nowa Huta, the renovation of public space in Velenje and the Museum of Socialist Curiosities in Hnúšťa. These investments are at the same time 3 out of the 12 actions described in detail in the Handbook of Models.

The conference was organized by the Institute of Economic Geography and Spatial Management, Department of Economics, Opole University, on May 19-21, 2013. It was attended by urban planners, geographers, spatial planners, economists, sociologists, representatives of cities, cultural centres, independent consultants and students of the scientific and academic centres in Poland from Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Opole, Krakow, Lublin, Łódź and Warsaw.

The presentation of the Handbook of Models during the plenary and theme session at the 21st Century Cities national scientific conference in Prószków near Opole is one of the six Exchange of Experience Seminars, which are implemented as part of the ReNewTown project.


Presentations from the conference:

Magdalena Wątorska-Dec, Grzegorz Węcławowicz, Modele i strategie zmian w dzielnicach i miastach post-socjalistycznych Polski i Europy Centralnej
Małgorzata Hajto, ARTzona - model rewitalizacji w dzielnicy Nowa Huta w Krakowie, poprzez działalność kulturalną i edukację ekologiczną

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