New logo of ReNewTown pilot investment from Hnúšťa


The Museum of Socialist Curiosities in Hnúšťa (Slovakia) presented its logo in April. It was selected from among 10 various designs through voting on the Internet.

The Museum of Socialist Curiosities is one of four pilot investments made in the framework of ReNewTown project. Through the pilot investments we seek for model solutions to common problems of the cities and districts that arose during the socialist period in Central Europe.

The idea for the creation of the Museum comes from the Agency for Development of the Gemer Region. The Museum in Hnúšťa aims at:
• preserving the knowledge and material culture of Hnúšťa socialist period for future generations,
• finding a new function of the building constructed during the socialist period, which would be appropriate to the current needs of the city’s inhabitants,
• creating a new tourist attraction based on the local and region specific characteristics, as well as cultural heritage.

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