ReNewTown meeting in Prague, March 5-7, 2013


The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the handbook of models and transnational manual, which belong to the main dissemination tools of project knowledge and achievements to the target groups. Later in the program, the project partners presented how the recently finished investments are used by the inhabitants of the post-socialist districts and what benefits they bring to local communities.

The following days were dedicated to the meetings with local and national experts from Prague 11 and Usti nad Labem, and to visiting the locations of urban regeneration projects. Mr. Rostislav Korbel from Jihomestska majetkova a.s. presented Prague 11 schools and nursery schools regeneration program including the implementation of modern management systems of water and energy supply in the education facilities of the district, which resulted in the substantial reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as increased safety. The partnership members met the Deputy Major of Prague 11 Metropolitan District - Ms. Eva Stampachova - and discussed the good practice examples of revitalization program aimed at improving the conditions of post-socialist large housing estate’s backyards in the district. The success factor of this revitalization examples was the strong cooperation with inhabitants. The study visit of Prague 11 was also an opportunity to see the progress in the implementation of one of ReNewTown pilot investments – a Centre for SMEs.

The third day was focused on the activity of Prague 11 MD in supporting small and medium enterprises, housing associations and property owners, as well s solving parking problems. Mr Jiri Kocanek presented an internet database of small and medium enterprises in Prague. The use of the database is free of charge for the users and entrepreneurs. The database includes geo-location tools and it has proved to be highly popular among the citizens of Prague. The Prague 11 MD is involved in the organization of thematic courses on tax duties, labour law and the responsibilities of entrepreneurs and statutory authorities. There was also introduced a program which aims to help maintaining housing buildings surroundings. Engineer Martin Janda, the head of Prague 11 Transport Unit 11, presented the parking system in the district, in which restricted areas for parking were introduced and which tackles the problem of  insufficient number of parking spaces.






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