Seminars in Nowa Huta and Velenje pointed out close interrelation between physical and social actions in urban heritage revitalization projects


The models of socialist urban heritage revitalization from the ReNewTown Handbook of Models were presented to wider public in Velenje (Slovenia) on May 29, 2013, and in Nowa Huta (a district of Krakow, Poland) on June 18, 2013.
The issues discussed during the seminars focused on the challenges of participation in Velenje due to the direct relation of the renovation of public space and strong involvement of local communities in the conducted works in this town. It also represents the model described in the handbook as an example of voluntary work aimed at the improvement of post-socialist urban environment.
In the case of Nowa Huta and the pilot investment – ArtZona – a place that became a popular venue for cultural and social events, the seminar entitled “Understanding the city” made the audience acquainted with the cultural offer of ArtZona, small-scale projects developing neighborhood gardens in the district, and a blog featuring the residents of Nowa Huta.
Both investments and models showed a close interrelation between physical and social actions. ArtZona in Nowa Huta and renovated space in Velenje proved that the most important dimension in urban revitalization programmes are local communities and neighbourhoods. Our local experts – Małgorzata Hajto in Nowa Huta and Marko Govek in Velenje – gave practical hints on what needs to be done and what should be avoided when implementing revitalization investments.
The brochure Post-Socialist City: A Role Model for Urban Revitalisation in the 21st Century. ReNewTown Handbook of Models distributed during the seminars presents just a small extract from a number of interesting pages of a much more comprehensive Handbook. Here you will find descriptions of four out of twelve identified models within the framework of the ReNewTown project. These models are at the same time ReNewTown project investments implemented in post-socialist cities: ArtZONA in Krakow (Poland), renovation of public space in Velenje (Slovenia), museum of socialist curiosities in Hnúšťa (Slovakia) and the centre for small and medium enterprises in Prague (the Czech Republic).


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