The ReNewTown partnership meeting in Hnusta


The ReNewTown meeting was held September 18th-20th, 2012. It was organised by Agency for Development of the Gemer Region. The meeting was attended by representatives of local government in Hnusta and activists working for local and regional development who presented results of their projects carried out in the Gemer region of Slovakia.

Day one (Steering Committee Meeting):
The first day of the meeting was closed to the public and devoted to organizational issues of the project and evaluation of the ReNewTown pilot action’s implementation in Cracow, Hnusta, Prague and Velenje.

ReNewTown pilot action in Cracow
ReNewTown pilot action in Hnusta
ReNewTown pilot action in Prague


Day two (Study Visit):
On the second day of the meeting the project participants, accompanied by local experts, took part in a study visit which aimed to show Hnusta’s socialist heritage, including examples of good and bad practices. The city of Hnusta was created in an era of socialism as a city with heavy industry (i.e., charcoal, technical gum magnesite factories). During this period, many historical residential buildings were destroyed and replaced by prefabricated buildings (known as “panelak”) for workers and miners. Nowadays, many of these buildings are unused and need to be revitalized.

Day three (Technical Meeting):
The third day of the meeting was dedicated to the exchange of international experts’ knowledge on regeneration of socialist urban architecture and public areas. The following papers were presented:

Ing. Miroslava Kubaliakova presented: "Transformation of small villages – projects of reconstruction of public spaces and areas in small villages within the region".
Mgr. Martin Pliesovsky presented: “Socialism in Slovakia, history of Hnusta and the region
Mgr. Jana Uhrinova presented: “Socialist architecture in Slovakia – heritage or burden?

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