The second ReNewTown partnership meeting in Velenje


The second ReNewTown partnership meeting took place on 4-6 October 2011 in Velenje. It was a 3-day event consisting of the Steering Committee Meeting, a study visit and a technical meeting. 

Day one (Steering Committee Meeting):

The first day of the meeting was closed to public. It was devoted to the project’s progress in pilot actions implementation, project methodological problems, overall project progress and organizational issues including the financial requirements and PR activity. Discussion on methodology covered three topics: site surveys (market research), good practices report and database of past and current initiatives important for the ReNewTown project. The topics addressed: market research report, good practices report and database of initiatives important for regeneration of urban areas with socialist burden are considered to belong to the main outputs of the ReNewTown project.Presentations from SCM are available only in the partners’ section area.

Day two (Study Visit):

On the second day of the meeting, the project participants accompanied by local experts took part in a study visit which aimed to show Velenje’s socialist heritage, good practices examples in management and maintenance of public spaces and buildings created in the socialist era, as well as local projects aimed at supporting entrepreneurship development of S&M business in the city. The program included the following occurs and presentations: 

When Velenje was becoming a city, a historical overview (Mr. Mihelak, Mr. Pritržnik)

City architecture tour: Tito’s square, Kardelj square, recent renovation of public space (Rok Poles) - No presentation available

Business  centre (Tanja Ževart)

Research centre  - Energy (Dr. Marta S. Veder)

Development of new technological park (Marko Vučina)

Coal mining museum of Slovenia (no presentation available)

Day three (Technical Meeting):

The third day of the meeting was dedicated to exchange international experts knowledge on regeneration of socialist urban architecture and public areas. The Slovenian experts’ presentations, followed by a discussion gave an important input to ideas and concepts being developed by ReNewTwon consortium and vice versa. The program included presentations on Velenje’s modernistic heritage, its value and possible models of preservation, as well as the economic, environmental and demographic context of post-socialist cities’ and towns’ development. The program covered the following presentations:

Velenje – a City in a Park (Saša Piano),

Modernistic heritage – models of preservation (Dr. Sonja Ifko)

Demographic studies and urban planning (Dr. Emil Šterbenk)

Restored coalmining subsidence area – from environmental damage to possibility for development (Klemen Kotnik)

Velenje and Nova Gorica: A tale of Two Slovenian Socialist Cities (Dr. Irena Ograjenšek)

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