Centre for SMEs in Prague

Prague 11 (jizni Mesto) is one of the metropolitan districts of the Capital City of Prague with the highest density of population (currently the density is 8 151 inhabitants/ km2). Prague 11 Metropolitan District (jizni Mesto) is situated in the southern part of the Capital City of Prague, therefore is it also called “South City”.

Prague 11 is one of the largest areas with blocks of flats (panel-housing) in the Central Europe which were built in 70’s and 80’s in the socialist era as a place to live for new workers and builders. Most of these buildings are slab blocks. Prague 11 faces presently to many negative effects, e.g. lack of parking places, necessary regeneration of the prefabs or adjustment of semi-public areas.

The main objective of this pilot action is to create a “Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises”. The aim of this Centre is to show possibilities how the public building with socialist burden may be used in a modern way by finding its new usage. At the same time it draws the attention of local entrepreneurs and stakeholders to the fact that such possibility exists and if used attractively may be of high importance to the whole district with the socialist burden.

Centre for Entrepreneurs is situated in the building of Tax office for Jizni Mesto. It was launched on 19th March 2013. Two contact persons work there and are available to help entrepreneurs in the opening hours (Tuesdays – Thursdays). Centre‘s mission is to support small and medium entrepreneurs, provide free of information, advice from the law, marketing and market environment area , intermediation of communication between entrepreneurs and authorities, assistance by starting a business and much more. The Centre was equiped with printed materials and all information can be also searched via Internet.

Leaflet on Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises (CZ)