Regional Development Agency of Usti Region, PLC

The Regional Development Agency of the Ústí-Region PLC is an organisation for support and co-ordination of economic and social development of this territory. It is designed on the same basis as development agencies successfully operating in EU member states. The goals, structure and a range of activities of the Agency are tailored to the regional conditions and environment.

The Agency is the host organisation of the regional Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which is a part of the European Commission’s international network of EEN’s.

The Agency is a member of the European Association of Regional Agencies (EURADA) and the Czech Association of Regional Development Agencies (CARA). It represents CZECHINVEST - Business and Investment Development Agency and the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship of the Czech Republic in Ústí-Region.

The Agency established the Regional Information Centre in 1995, it co-ordinates the Regional Centre for Tourism and a group of land-use planning experts in the Regional Spatial-Planning Centre.

Mission and Goals

  • Provide information services to organisations and institutions in the public and private sectors
  • Provide quality expert services in regional problem solution and implementation of the development strategy
  • Mobilize main actors of the Ústí-Region and their financial, material and human resources to be used for regional development
  • Maximize effects of the region’s strengths and exploit them commercially for further development of the Ústí-Region

History and Organisational Structure

The Agency was established as a Public Limited Corporation by organisations from the region’s public and business sector in 1994. After establishment of the Ústí Region (2001) the ownership structure of the Agency was adapted to a participation of the Region (majority shareholder at present time), municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Agriculture, Trade Unions and a university.

The main statutory body of the Agency is a five member Board of Directors composed of representatives of shareholders. A six member Supervisory Board acts as the controlling body. The executive team has twenty-three full time experts and a pool of external experts of various professions.

Services provided

  • Information from the Regional Information Centre (demographic data, environmental matters, tourism, transport, business environment, land and property, infrastructure, resources, etc.)
  • Economic and social research, feasibility studies and development plans for the public and private sectors
  • Development, co-ordination and implementation of development projects (e.g. supported by European Union’s Programmes)
  • Business consulting, system approach to programmes and projects, co-ordination of activities in compliance with regional strategy
  • Complex services for investors (searching for suitable land and property for business activities, administrative work, translations, interpreting and other specialised services upon request)
  • Support for small and medium sized enterprises
  • Acquisition and utilisation of domestic and foreign financial resources. (e.g. from EU Programmes)
  • Development and co-ordination of international co-operation in accordance with the EU strategy
  • Overall promotion of the Ústí-Region
  • Other activities stimulating and supporting regional development

Contribution of the partner to the project

During the implementation of ReNewTown project the RDA UR will co-operate with partners at the regional research, elaborating reports and organizing conferences, workshops and study visits. The contribution will include a Czech experience with the socialist heritage use.

RDA UR anticipates improved managing skill: organization, monitoring, promotion; cooperation with partners; experience with international projects and cooperation with municipalities and SME´s of the Ústí Region and the Czech Republic in another field (social heritage investment).

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