Municipality of Velenje (SI)

Municipality of Velenje (SI)

Velenje is a city of large economic systems, equipped with modern infrastructure. It is a city of opportunities, the co-existence, sport, culture and music. It is a city friendly to children, to the disabled and the environment. It tells us stories about interesting history, enriched with cultural - historical monuments and natural sites, and above with events and people who kindly invite you and expect you with pleasure.

Velenje is a modern European city with the growth of intercultural openness. It is situated in the eastern part of Šaleška valley height above the sea level at an altitude of 396 meters. The valley was named after the castle and village Šalek. Velenje was first mentioned as a market in the 13th century. It became a city in the 1950s. Today Velenje is a city municipality with more than 34 thousand inhabitants and it is the fifth largest city in Slovenia.

It is one of the most powerful economic center of Slovenia. Pillars of Velenje’s economic development are: energy, metal and in recent times specialized services in the field of environmental protection, industrial design and ICT. Velenje is the employment, administrative and educational center of the wider region - Savinjska-šaleška region.

With its modern architectural experience Velenje differs from other Slovenian cities. Its development was not based on the old town centre; it does not have small dense streets, it is open and green thus setting a new standard. Some of the most fascinating structures are freestanding buildings with flat roofs, large green spaces around them, and extensive areas dedicated to pedestrian use. Velenje’s infrastructure and hospitality have been awarded on national and international level many times.

Municipality of Velenje is very active across the borders of our country, since in the past we established cooperation with comparable cities across Europe.

When Slovenia joined the European Union, Municipality of Velenje was one of the first municipalities to be prepared and organized for the absorption of European funds. We have established "Project group for EU projects". Since 2004 we carried out a number of projects through European Community and look towards continuous success in the future. We have established cooperation with cross border cities, Central and South-eastern Europe and beyond. Through EU projects we are trying to bring good practice from other cities into our environment, as well as to set a European example of good practice in the fields of rehabilitation of the environment and eliminate the negative consequences of mining. During implementation of the projects we pay great attention to business, education, environmental protection, promoting energy efficiency, culture, tourism, youth, etc...

We already accomplished several projects co-financed by EU programmes. The results of this approach are high quality project results and a sound use of resources.

Within duties and interests as self-governing local community Municipality Velenje carries out administrative, professional and organizing duties in areas defined with law, municipal charter, decrees and local community acts. Municipality Velenje participates in preparation of local development plans and project councils for local programmes. Alongside matters of common concern, Municipality Velenje performs duties defined by national laws.

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