Day of Youth and Culture (DMK)

  • Investor (key institution):
  • Contact person: President of Šaleški študentski klub (student club), Žan Delopst
  • Year of implementation: Since 1991
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Slovenia
  • Region: Savinjska region
  • Town: Velenje
  • Size of area: 200 m2
  • Impact: regional

    Total costs: 30000 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • other: ŠOS: 20 000; MOV: 3000; Projects: 7000 EUR
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.

      Starting the festival back in 1991 when students from Šaleška valley decided to do things that others do not dare or don't know. Day of youth and culture (DMK ) festival “saw the first light of day” in 1991 and today, 22 years after the first "gig" on Velenje Castle, remains one of the most quality festivals for young people, after which many others emerge. The basic idea behind the festival was/is that young people show a different view on the world, to seek cultural and artistic content that is often overlooked, unknown, non-commercial. So here the young and rising group of creative individuals gets the opportunity to present and to promote them self. This is the first student festival, which was created in independent Slovenia. During the years it has evolved, grow, expand and shrink. But it has been kept over all those years.

    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.

      We cannot speak about physical reconstruction. Here the word is about “quality and content” reconstruction for some limited period, usually in May each year. That is why we marked it as Slightly improved. Days of youth culture creates room under the open sky. The peak of festival is on Velenje Castle. During the festival time a lot of activities happen at city Centre at different locations. On those days involvement of nearby living people and residents of city Velenje is quite high. In those days all the locations serve as all described under last point on left side.


    Just as information why festival takes place each year in May. During Yugoslavia (ex - common country made out of 6 republics) we were celebrating the birthday of President Tito on 25 of May. A big manifestation called “Dan mladosti” (Youth Day) took place. Everything stopped few years after death of President Tito and few years before Yugoslavia fall apart. The festival DMK is in a way continuation of this tradition.

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