Hochhaussanierung – High-rise refurbishment

  • Investor (key institution): Housing association Wohnbaugesellschaft Marzahn mbH
  • Contact person: Ute Wittstock, ute.wittstock@wbg-marzahn.de
  • Year of implementation: 1994
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Berlin
  • Town: Berlin
  • Size of area: 426 m2
  • Impact: municipal

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    • other: Housing association Wohnbaugesellschaft Marzahn mbH
    1. Identified new functions for structures from the era of socialism in 1945 - 1989).

      The project intends to tranform an old and anonymus prefabricated high-rise building into a modern place of living – both with the help of modern technological solutions but also through the reduction of anonymity. During the project, the domestic engineering system of the prefabricated high-rise, that was constructed during the socialist era in 1976, was improved and the 70 metre high housing facade was equipped with photovoltaic features. The so generated electricity makes now a contribution to the domestic energy savings and the energy is fed into the public electricity grid. This helps to reduce the domestic energy consumption and costs for all the residents especially with regard to the operation of elevators and lights. Furthermore the project intended to improve the feeling of safety in prefabricated high-rises and to reduce the feeling of anonymity. Therefore a concierce service was established on the ground floor. The service team does not only provide several services such as key storage and messenger services but is also responsible for the monitoring of the entrance area and staircases.


    Berlin Marzahn is a district in the north-west of Berlin and one of the largest housing estate areas in Germany. During the GDR large housing estates and high-rises made of prefabricated slabs were constructed to satisfy the housing needs and the national housing policy. With the reunification, the housing demands changed and the high-rises did not fit to the changing demands of modern living anymore. Berlin Marzahn was therefore affected by the loss of population and lots of urban regeneration activities took place to improve and enhance the quality of living in the district. The above mentioned project is an example where instead of demolition, a high-rise building was renovated and converted in a modern place of living with the help of new technologies.

    Web site: www.werkstatt-stadt.de/en/projects/45/