Initiative Sídliště žije! (Residential estate lives!)

  • Investor (key institution): OKD Foundation
  • Contact person: OKD Foundation - Jiří Suchánek
  • Year of implementation: 2012 - initiative starting
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Region: Moravskoslezský kraj
  • Town: Ostrava
  • Impact: regional

    Total costs: EUR

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    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.

      The Residential estate lives! (Sídliště žije) is a new grant programme of the OKD Foundation, which integrates the community works with improvements f the spaces characteristic by residential prefab houses in Czech, Moravian and Silesian cities. The crucial aim of the programme is to improve social relations in these zones by cooperation of local community on common project, which in turn will lead to improvement of the area. Therefore, the initiative welcomes any effort of local community to increase the quality and social and cultural cooperation within the residential zone.

    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.

      The initiative has no concrete projects yet as it is in the phase of the first round of call for proposals. As indicated by the OKD Foundation, the possible results of the projects can be new park, space for dogs, sporting facility, club for mothers, resting place for anyone regardless of her or his age. The fundamental aspect of the project (which can be submitted only in a form of preliminary idea) is the involvement of the local community. According to the first social inquiry in one of the prefab house zones, the majhor demands among people are: higher extent of parks and green spaces, spaces for leisure time (especially for children), meeting places for all generations of locals.

    3. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.

      As it was mentioned already, the fundamental precondition for implementation of any project is active cooperation of local community. The complete project is not a precondition of the submission. The more important is innovative idea, which can be improved via cooperation with local organizations and institutions (Cultural house, Kindergartens, Scauting organizations, etc.). The involvement of local community (drawing upon experiences from abroad) is required in all the preparation phase, implementation phase and after-completion phase of the project.

    4. Identified new functions for structures from the era of socialism in 1945 - 1989).

      Graf textově: zeleň a parky: 188 hlasů, klubovna nejen pro děti: 89, parkovací plochy: 177, odpad,kontejne­ry,třídění: 92, místo pro vyžití dětí: 196, místo pro sport: 136, mezilidské vztahy: 66, místo pro setkávání všech generací: 125. Na základě výsledků ankety jsme zjistili, že obyvatelům sídliště Karviná – Hranice chybí mnoho věcí. Nejvíce pak, místo pro aktivity dětí a mládeže, prostor setkávání všech generací, místo pro parkování či zeleň a parky. Mnohé z Vás také obtěžuje nevyřešená situace s venčením psů.


    The initiative is a new supportive programme of the OKD Foundation, aimed at regeneration of residential estates zones mainly from socialistic period. The programme, which tries to improve the quality of space and social and cultural interaction within the residential zones is starting right now (the term for submission of proposals is January-February 2012).

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