Revitalization of the Prague housing estate within the housing estates regeneration programme

  • Investor (key institution): The city of Tábor
  • Contact person: Tábor, Karel Hotový, project manager,
  • Year of implementation: 2009 - 2012
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Region: South Bohemian region
  • Town: Tábor
  • Size of area: 1 m2
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: 8 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • EU fonds: 4361 EUR
    • national: 4127 EUR

    Important stakeholders concerned - names of the institutions

    • EU fonds: IOP - ERDF
    • national: the Ministry for Regional Development
    1. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.

      Comprehensive revitalization of the area (roads, sidewalks, lawns, playgrounds, public greenery) was the main aim of the project implementation. All in all, the appearance of the environment was significantly improved. The function s of the pace between the blocks of flats, of course, remains the same.

    2. Improved attractiveness of the architecture of the socialist buildings.
    3. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.

      Public meeting were held before the preparation and implementation of the project. The citizens are and have always been invited to express their views on the project implementation irrespectively to any segregation criterion. Everybody who wanted to express their view on the matter could do so. Any NGO or any other organizations are involved in the process of project implementation. The projects are focused purely on the revitalization of block of flats and on the pit settlement. The representatives of schools, social services authorities (OSV Tabor City) and the flat owners are involved in the management structures of IPRM (Integrated Plan of City Development). No profit and other organizations are involved in this process.. The management structures are involved IUDP representatives of schools, social services authority (OSV Tabor City) and homeowners.


    The number of block of flats in the area - 141 The number of socialist buildings - up to 10 Population – 6 483 inhabitants (31. 12. 2007) The public space: - Nachodské block of flats have been revitalized in previous years from the grant of (MMR) Ministry for regional development. - Parking lot called “U Popraviště” and placed between the two block of flats has been recently restored - The space between the apartment buildings close to the area of the Prague housing estate has not been revitalised since the founding of the settlements. Its public space has been properly established in modern way, but has not been taken care of. There are neglected, overgrown and in some parts even missing public green areas, inadequate local roads and pavements. It also struggles with the lack of parking spaces, a large number of barriers and obstacles, neglected bus stops, etc.. The restoration of the northern part has been recently completed, another two are planned to be restored this year with the financial contribution from the Ministry for regional development (MMR) and Integrated Plan of City Development (IPMR).

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