Mellowpark Berlin

  • Investor (key institution): Information not found
  • Contact person: All eins e.V.,
  • Year of implementation: 1999
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Berlin
  • Town: Berlin
  • Size of area: 70000 m2
  • Impact: regional

    Total costs: EUR

    Source per every institution

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    Important stakeholders concerned - names of the institutions

    • national: Youth association all eins e.V., Youth welfare association
    • other: Sponsoring
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.

      Mellowpark Campus is a project that started in 1999 and was reimplemented in 2008 because the park had to move to a different area. In 1999 the youth association all eins e.V. developed the idea to transform an industrial wasteland area into a sports park. Starting with a simple skate ramp, many volunteers worked on the project and various sports facilities, such as a streetball court, a familiy park, a screen printing room etc. were installed. The park was steadily growing until a company bought the area for the pupose of housing. The youth association all eins e.V. had to close the sports park. After that lots of demonstrations and discussions took place and in 2009 the district authority of Berlin Köpenick offered another area to the association. The volunteers soon started to transform the new area, which was now four times bigger than the older one, into the new Mellowpark.

    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.

      The area where the Mellowpark is located today is not a public space between blocks and flats but it was formerly used as a sports facility for local residents. The area lay vacant and was threatended by total decay until it was offered to the association all eins e.V. With the help of many volunteers the area was transformed into a sports park and is nowadays famous as Europe’s largest outdoor skate park. The project intended not only to establish a sports park for juveniles or other interested people, it was also a project for social learning. The juveniles, that were involved in the project planning and implementation, learned to create something positive with their own hands, they got a feeling of how success can be achieved when people are willing to work together and to create something new.

    3. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.

      Many volunteers were involved in the project’s first implementation as well as in the second implementation phase when the sports park had to move to another area. The project can be regarded as a bottom-up project because interested juveniles were able to take part in the project planning and implementation. After the movement and at the beginning of the second project phase, all interested people (not only juveniles) were invited to join a two days workshop were an agile project concept for the new Mellowpark was created. Furthermore many installations were installed in voluntary work. Nowadays, the Mellowpark is not only a place for sports but also an event park where various events, such as camp weeks, are hold.


    The Mellowpark area is located in Berlin Köpenick which has around 60,000 inhabitants. The outer area of Köpenick is dominated by forestland and the Mellowpark project was implemented on a former sports area which lay vacant for years and was only used as parking place. Nowadays the Mellowpark area is a centre of attraction for sports-mad juveniles all over Europe.

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