Nature Trail Holíčsky les – Kátovské ramená

  • Investor (key institution): Klub turistov Holíč (Tourist club Holíč)
  • Contact person: Ing. Vratislav Schaal
  • Year of implementation: 2011
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Slovakia
  • Region: Trnava
  • Town: Holíč
  • Size of area: 42740 m2
  • Impact: regional

    Total costs: 2500 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • national: 2500 EUR
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.

      Project „ Nature trail Holíčsky les – Kátovské ramená“ wil result in complete clearance of the neglected Nature trail route between Kátov municipality and „Kátovské ramená“. The nature trail will have fitted information board and resting places will be created around „Baráky“ area. In floodplain forest will be a footbridge bulit across the arm. Activly involved in project are Tourist club Holíč members, members of children tourist clubs, Holíč primary schoul pupils, and a help was promised by municipality Kátov. Stredná odborná škola Holíč (vocational school) promissed a help with manufacturing wooden products. This project will create an „ Green oasis“ around Holíč and Kátovv area. It also is an unique project in Holíč microregion.

    2. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.

      The program „ Green oasis“ had a condition to create an open nature space accessable for community and that the public will take a part in project realisation whether it is a voluntary work or just taking part in making decision about the final look of the open nature space. At the end , In the process of project realisation were involved locals , pupils and students from around the area.

    3. Identified new functions for structures from the era of socialism in 1945 - 1989).

      Revitalisation of Nature trail Holíčsky les – Kátovské ramená is not situated around public space in urban area. The idea to build a tourist trail on route Holíč floodplain forest – Kátovské ramená was created already in times of socialism. The project is based on these original ideas and aims to create a relax – cognitive route on nature trail and could be used to familiarize the youth with natural heritage in Holíč and Kátov area. The project will create a first relax – cognitive grounds with educational nature. The grounds will also be used as outdoor education grounds for schools, as outdoor activities grounds for local people and also as a tourist atraction for visitors.


    The key word for realisation of this project is innovation. An original nature trail is innovated to meet todays standards. This aim was reached also by building new resting places and the footbridge It is a project which aims experiential learning and recognition for students and other tourists and with all that fulfills the criterion of sustainable development and portability. Completing the project „ Nature trail Holíčsky les – Kátovské ramená“ will also have a very important educational aspekt. Education about nature protection and conversation trought experiential learning and recognition.

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