Nowa Huta Meadows

  • Investor (key institution): Municipality of Kraków
  • Contact person: (title, first name, surname, e-mail)
  • Year of implementation: 2003
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Poland
  • Region: Małopolska
  • Town: Kraków
  • Size of area: 570000 m2
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: EUR

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    Important stakeholders concerned

    • regional: Municipality of Kraków, Forum for Nowa Huta, Nowa Huta Districts Councils, The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.
    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.
    3. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.
    4. Identified new functions for structures from the era of socialism in 1945 - 1989).
    1. What forms of cooperation were used as new approaches in the field of rehabilitation and conversion of urban functional areas?
    2. In the process of creating ecologic land within Nowa Huta Meadows several entities took part. The initiative of land preservation originated from the local community, teachers and students of the primary school no.80 in Kraków. The C.K. Norwid Culture Centre conducting activity connected with ecologic education in this area undertook the responsibility of preparing an application for covering Nowa Huta Meadows by preservation in the form of ecologic land. Innovative character of the project consisted in the introduction of this particular form of nature preservation, namely ecologic land into otherwise largely urbanized Kraków municipal network as well as in cooperation of the units from the Office of the City of Kraków and C.K. Norwid Culture Centre, non-governmental organizations (Partnership for Environment Foundation, Forum for Nowa Huta), institutions of higher education (Jagiellonian University – scientific support) and the local community.

    3. Was the building or the space between buildings) identified as a valuable socialist heritage?
    4. Nowa Huta Meadows emerged in the place of the eighteenth-century Vistula river bed. They make part of Vistula waterside meadows in Kraków. In the 1950s the huge recreational artificial lake was planned to be created in the area now taken up by Nowa Huta Meadowsand it was to become integral part of today’s so-called Old Nowa Huta, the urban- planning system of which was entered into into the register of historical national monuments in 2004 as as a representative example of socialist realist urban planning. The project has not been implemented and the area of Nowa Huta Meadows has become one of the most significant elements of spatial and landscape architecture in Nowa Huta.

    5. What criteria were applied to make this judgment?
    6. The area of Nowa Huta Meadows is closely linked architecturally and spatially with the urban-planning layout of Nowa Huta dating back to 1949. The area originally designated for a recreational artificial lake (the 1950s), for more than 60 years performed recreational function, being the place of leisure, walking and quiet recreation for Nowa Huta residents. The local community identifies strongly with Nowa Huta Meadows- the area is a source of pride for local residents as a place distinguishing nicely Nowa Huta from the background of other Kraków districts.

    7. Was the building or space between buildings) important to local communities and how were they involved in decision-making process about its rehabilitation or conversion?
    8. Nowa Huta Meadows are an extremely important place for the local community, not only for the immediate neighbours but also for for the majority of Nowa Huta residents. They make a unique example of the space precious for its natural qualities and legally protected lying right in the city centre, used for recreational and educational purposes. The idea of creating ecologic land just in this area came from Nowa Huta residents connected with this place. The voice of the local community stopped work on the controversial projects of Łąki Nowohuckie land development in the years 2002, 2006,and 2009. The Nowa Huta Meadows Association has been conducting its Nowa huta Meadows-related activities since 2007, and these activities are marked with high level of enterprise, frequent intervention, enlisting important experts, the growing number of members and supporters, information activity is carried out.

    9. Were attempts made to improve territorial cohesion within the city/town/district? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    10. Nowa Huta Meadows are the example of action undertaken for the benefit of balanced development. Through legal protection of the cultural and natural heritage we have got a chance to hand it down to the generations to come, fulfilling the decisions written down in Agenda 21 signed by Poland in 1992. The region proposed by the Government of the Republic of Poland to the Nature 2000 network as a specially protected habitat region (Habitat Directive).

    11. Were there attempts to reduced disparities between districts within cities/towns achieved reduced? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    12. The establishment of ecologic land has had important influence upon increasing the attractiveness of the district in terms of its natural qualities, it improved the quality of the public space and green areas of Nowa Huta against the background of other Kraków districts ( Report on the state of natural environment of the City of Kraków). Nowa Huta Meadows are a valuable element attracting tourists (Tourism in Kraków research reports) and thanks to them the Nowa Huta educational offer ( the number of educational workshops - C.K. Norwid Culture Centre) has been extended and ecological image of the district has been improved.

    13. Other important facts and comments, e.g. critical review.
    14. Nowa Huta Meadows are a good example of cooperation between a number of institutions from various area is now exposed to is improper use (by the residents), improper plant cultivation ( the wrong date of mowing by the manager City Park and Zoo in Kraków as well as the lack of funding for maintenance and for reasonable shaping the space – these may result in the loss of natural value of Nowa Huta Meadows and diminishing attractiveness of the place.


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