Pospolite Ruszenie (Mass movement) – defeating the ugliness of post-communist public space

  • Investor (key institution): no information
  • Contact person: Michał Azarewicz kontakt@pospoliteruszenie.com mobile: +48 669 059 329
  • Year of implementation: 2011
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Poland
  • Region: all regions in Poland
  • Town: now: Warsaw and Wrocław
  • Impact: local

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    • other: unavailable EUR

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    • other: Cooperatives, institutions managing the housing estates in Polish cities
    1. Improved attractiveness of the architecture of the socialist buildings.

    The initiative “Pospolite Ruszenie” was created by two young Polish artists L.U.C and Sokół. Its aim is to defeat the ugliness of post-communist public space in Poland i.e. the gloomy, socialist realist housing estates and kitsch motley tower blocks and then regain that space from post-soviet indifference and passivity. Currently many of housing estates were refurbished without a coherent strategy with strange colours that transform Polish cities into patchy and aesthetically destroyed areas. The initiative aims to refurbish as many buildings as it is possible to change urban landscape in Poland.

    Web site: pospoliteruszenie.com