Reconstruction of Spojená škola (school providing various subjects of study) in Rimavská Sobota

  • Investor (key institution): Banská Bystrica self-governing region
  • Contact person: Ing. Vladimír Maňka
  • Year of implementation: 2012
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Slovakia
  • Region: Banska Bystrica
  • Town: Rimavská Sobota
  • Size of area: 5709 m2
  • Impact: regional

    Total costs: 1100518 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • EU fonds: 764126,07 EUR
    • national: 134845,78 EUR
    • regional: 201546,42 EUR
    1. Improved attractiveness of the architecture of the socialist buildings.
    2. Identified new functions for structures from the era of socialism in 1945 - 1989).
    1. What forms of cooperation were used as new approaches in the field of rehabilitation and conversion of urban functional areas?
    2. The school buildings in Rimavská Sobota were fully reconstructed; the windows were replaced, and the doors and buildings were thermally insulated.

    3. What criteria were applied to make this judgment?
    4. During the reconstruction the criteria ensuring the decrease in the energy consumption of the building considerate to environment were applied.

    5. Was the building or space between buildings) important to local communities and how were they involved in decision-making process about its rehabilitation or conversion?
    6. The project is important for the local community, the school will acquire newly reconstructed space and it will be able to provide better quality education to the students.

    7. Were there attempts to reduced disparities between districts within cities/towns achieved reduced? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    8. The differences between the town areas have not decreased.

    9. Other important facts and comments, e.g. critical review.
    10. The school is significant to the town Rimavská Sobota as it is an important element in the education of the region.


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