Reconstruction of the Town Market Place in Kłobuck

  • Investor (key institution): The Municipality of Kłobuck
  • Contact person:
  • Year of implementation: 2011-2012
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Poland
  • Region: Śląskie
  • Town: Kłobuck
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: 593000 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • EU fonds: 237000 EUR
    • regional: 356000 EUR

    Important stakeholders concerned - names of the institutions

    • EU fonds: The Structural Funds
    • regional: The Municipality of Kłobuck
    1. Improved support for the development of small business operators in the area of blocks of flats.

      At the moment trade in the market place is conducted in chaotic and makeshift way, which results in the failure to observe regulations, particularly concerning the food trade. Besides the uncontrolled spreading of stalls leads to communication problems in Śródmieście ( downtown). The market place is used only two days a week (mono-functionality of the area). Examples of other towns suggest that this area thanks to its location can earn profits also on other weekdays. The following things are planned there: drainage of the whole area, water supply, providing the lighting system, providing amplification equipment, hardening the surface with cobblestone, marking passage ways and designated places for trade activity with different colours. The project intends to introduce two basis functions: economic, in the form of organized, modern, small-size trading and educational – in the form of creating the area for teaching bicycle riding for children and young people from Kłobuck – “road traffic town for children and young people”. Exhibition events connected with the specifity of Kłobuck district are also planned: a gardening exhibition, agricultural equipment exhibition, construction materials exhibition.


    The market place is located in the centre of Kłobuck within the area of one land parcel registered under the number 4438/37 district of cadastral registration Kłobuck, with the area of 18 929 m². The owner of the land parcel is Kłobuck commune. This area is developed mono-functionally, it is widely available to public, not enclosed, resembling a rectangular in shape. This area is accessible from the public roads – three exits from public road lead to it. Within the market place there are trading pavilions and sanitary facilities. The existing passage ways for pedestrians are partly made from asphalt and partly paved with concrete slabs. There are some technical infrastructure facilities and networks in the area. The area of about 3900 square meters of the market place surface is hardened, but 40% of the market place has got destroyed surface which needs to be renovated. The hardened surface is partly made from asphalt and partly concrete.

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