Regeneration of public recreational and sports centre – VOSA, Prague 12 Metropolitan district

  • Investor (key institution): Prague 12 Metropolitan District
  • Contact person: Ing. Hana Jandová, project team leader responsible for overall coordination and implementation of the project,
  • Year of implementation: 2006
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Region: Prague
  • Town: Prague
  • Size of area: 15 m2
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: 715 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • EU fonds: 357 994 EUR
    • national: 200 458 EUR
    • regional: 115 270 EUR
    • other: 42 242 EUR
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.
    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.
    3. Improved attractiveness of the architecture of the socialist buildings.
    4. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.
    1. What forms of cooperation were used as new approaches in the field of rehabilitation and conversion of urban functional areas?
    2. This project was implemented within the 3rd Call of Single Programming Document for Objective2 (SPD2). The main objective of SPD 2 is to eliminate the most critical weak points and obstructions to the development of the region in the selected eligibility area, primarily through improvements in the quality of the urban environment and the development of the municipality's potential. The project is strongly environmentally oriented. The partners of the project were the primary school of professor Švejcara and citizens association Hop a Skok of which activities were directly related to the project implementation. Other involved institutions were: Municipality of Prague 12, Municipality of Prague. It was co- financed by means of the European Regional Development Fund, state budget contribution, contribution from the capital of Prague and from the contribution of Metropolitan districts budget. The selection of this project was related to the state of preparation for implementation, i.e. a discussion with the public, preparation of technical documentation, preparation of tender to the contractor, approval of the funds for the project by the council and borough council Prague 12. The former unused garden situated on the premises of the elementary school of professor Švejnar situated in the middle of housing estate in Modřany was fully reconstructed and rebuilt into the recreational and sports centre open to public.

    3. Was the building or the space between buildings) identified as a valuable socialist heritage?
    4. Not identified. On the territory of Prague 12 Metropolitan District live approximately 58 000 inhabitants, most of them in prefabricated housing estates. The project, carried out in 2006, is physically located between two major settlements units and settlement Modřany- Lhotka-Libuš.

    5. What criteria were applied to make this judgment?
    6. Not applicable.

    7. Was the building or space between buildings) important to local communities and how were they involved in decision-making process about its rehabilitation or conversion?
    8. The reconstructed area was originally a garden used by the pupils of the elementary school of professor Švejnar. Originally the area was not open to public, and as a neglected space it was not very popular with the students either. As the physical appearance of the garden was unattractive and inaccessible the general perception of this place was rather negative. Also due to the fact of the low investment, it started to deteriorate on a large scale. Before the implementation of the project, several meetings between local authorities and public had taken place. Also the represents (head-master) of the elementary school of professor Švejnar were very helpful and their positive attitude towards the idea of the whole project helped significantly to the whole implementation of the project.

    9. Were attempts made to improve territorial cohesion within the city/town/district? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    10. Prague 12 Metropolitan district initiated the implementation of this project to achieve more balanced use of the area of the district and to enlarge offer of public facilities. The project helped to: • improve public infrastructure in a residential area of housing estate Modřany by constructing multi-purpose public area for sports, culture and leisure activities, • create publicly accessible sport areas, space for practicing all different kinds of sport activities and built the playgrounds for kids differentiated according to age of the children, • create a large areas designed for leisure time and relaxation activities, • construct a natural amphitheatre for cultural and social events.

    11. Were there attempts to reduced disparities between districts within cities/towns achieved reduced? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    12. By the implementation of the project an improvement of public facilities and quality of life of local residents was achieved. Thanks to the VOSA project the residents of Prague 12 Metropolitan district can now use can now use a new multi-purpose centre which covers the total area of 1.5 hectares. This new and interesting place is a combination of natural and modern garden architecture. Children can spend their free time in three separate playgrounds equipped with modern elements and for the older ones there are a total of three sports areas where the ball games can be played, as well as non-traditional sports including the ice skating during the winter time. At the weekends families can find a nice background and can relax in the modern benches. The centre of course includes the necessary facilities – barrier free access to the public toilets. The social and residential functions has spread in Modřany and fully-fledged and meaningful use of space in the middle of housing estates complex has been created. Due to the introduction of woody plant species and reduction of dustiness, the daily life of the housing estate has become much more enjoyable for the local inhabitants. It was also managed to incorporate a natural amphitheatre into the area, which will find its use in various cultural and social events.

    13. Other important facts and comments, e.g. critical review.
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