Renovation of a block of flats on Gradnikove brigade 17 street in Nova Gorica

  • Investor (key institution): Owners of flats represented by Dom d.o.o., Nova Gorica
  • Contact person: Mitja Bovcon, Dom d.o.o.
  • Year of implementation: 2011
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Slovenia
  • Region: West Slovenia
  • Town: Nova Gorica
  • Impact: local

    Total costs: 156 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • national: 27,000 EUR
    • other: 129,000 EUR

    Important stakeholders concerned - names of the institutions

    • national: Eco Fund
    • other: Owners of flats
    1. Improved attractiveness of the architecture of the socialist buildings.

    City Municipality of Nova Gorica views this renovation as a model one for further renovations of buildings from the socialist era that should take place in the city. The most difficult part – obtaining agreement on the course of renovation from all flat owners - was mastered in a democratic way; flat owners nominated and elected their representatives who took part in the relevant decision-making processes.

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