Revitalisation of Raków Area – Ostatni Grosz in Częstochowa

  • Investor (key institution): Miunicipality of Częstochowa
  • Contact person: (title, first name, surname, e-mail)
  • Year of implementation: 2007-2012
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Poland
  • Region: Śląskie
  • Town: Częstochowa
  • Impact: local

    Total costs: EUR

    Source per every institution

    1. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.

      Revitalisation applies to the housing estate built in the 50s and 60s for the workers of Częstochowa Steelworks. The houses have maintained their technical standard but they are in urgent need of renovation, including heat insulation. Residents, mainly old age pensioners, cannot afford the cost of modernization work. The poverty of this district is reflected by the high rate of doles and welfare benefits paid to the residents and low demand for real property. The demand for business establishments is poor, which results in low service and trade standards. Raków district was officially acknowledged as a crisis area, on account of high unemployment rate, concentration of social pathologies and problems. Revitalization of the area has been directed towards the development of the social infrastructure and support of organizations acting in this sphere. It works on the assumption, that the rise in safety and the increase in social life quality will translate to the return of bigger trading and service entities to this district and in consequence – a social change in this region.


    The process of revitalization in Częstochowa is performed in 7 areas designated in the Town Revitalization Program of this town inhabited by 240 thousand of residents. Raków District is inhabited by 26 thousand residents out of which 10% make the unemployed – the average rate of unemployment for the whole town is 8%. The number of business entities in this district makes only 4% of the number of business entities for the whole town.

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