• Investor (key institution): TERAZHUTA.PL
  • Contact person: Małgorzata Wierzchowska, coordinator, gosia@terazhuta.pl, redakcja@terazhuta.pl
  • Year of implementation: 2007
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Poland
  • Region: Małopolska
  • Town: Kraków
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: EUR

    Source per every institution

    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.
    2. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.
    1. What forms of cooperation were used as new approaches in the field of rehabilitation and conversion of urban functional areas?
    2. The portal is co-created by institutions, companies and Internet users. Each of these groups will have the opportunity to inform others about their activities or work. Thanks to an innovative "engine" central IT, anyone can easily take part in shaping our local reality.

    3. Was the building or the space between buildings) identified as a valuable socialist heritage?
    4. (300 - 600 characters)

    5. What criteria were applied to make this judgment?
    6. (300 - 600 characters)

    7. Was the building or space between buildings) important to local communities and how were they involved in decision-making process about its rehabilitation or conversion?
    8. (300 - 600 characters)

    9. Were attempts made to improve territorial cohesion within the city/town/district? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    10. (300 - 600 characters)

    11. Were there attempts to reduced disparities between districts within cities/towns achieved reduced? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    12. (300 - 600 characters)

    13. Other important facts and comments, e.g. critical review.
    14. This project gathered around TerazHuta.pl portal the main group of local leaders involved in regeneration activities in Nowa Huta area. With this project and thanks to its authors another important initiative for the districtwas born - the online NH encyclopedia - nhpedia.pl.


    Web site: www.terazhuta.pl