The revitalization of the public spaces in the area of U Vlečky and Labe, Prague 12 Metropolitan District

  • Investor (key institution):
  • Contact person: Ing. Hana Jandová,
  • Year of implementation: 2009-2010
  • Implementation venue

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Region: Prague
  • Town: Prague
  • Size of area: 32 m2
  • Impact: municipal

    Total costs: 1 EUR

    Source per every institution

    • national: 728 000 EUR
    • other: 580 000 EUR
    1. Improved provision of local cultural and social events.
    2. Improved condition & quality of the public space between the blocks of flats.
    3. Improved support for the development of small business operators in the area of blocks of flats.
    4. Improved involvement of the local community in events organized in its quarter.
    1. What forms of cooperation were used as new approaches in the field of rehabilitation and conversion of urban functional areas?
    2. The area “U Vlečky” was a former stream bed which was hugely overgrown by weed and flooded with waste. The area “Labe “was a hugely neglected public space belonging to the nearby shopping centre which is surrounded by the block of flats. The proposals for the revitalization of these areas were prepared in 2007 and were discussed with the residents of both sites at public meetings. Their suggestions were incorporated into the project by architects within the given technical and financial possibilities of the project. The final proposal of the project was presented at public meeting held on 15th of June 2007 in the Hydrometeorological Institute in Komořany and at public meeting which took place on the 17th of June at primary school of professor Švejcar.

    3. Was the building or the space between buildings) identified as a valuable socialist heritage?
    4. No

    5. What criteria were applied to make this judgment?
    6. Not applicable.

    7. Was the building or space between buildings) important to local communities and how were they involved in decision-making process about its rehabilitation or conversion?
    8. Yes, the area of Labe is an important cross road and meeting place for the local residents. It is the only big shopping centre for the inhabitants of the area which provides the public facilities. It is also situated near the frequent main road and there are several bus stops which connects this area with the centre of the City. As this public space was neglected there was a strong need for revitalization. Several public meeting were held. Meetings were attended by local authorities, representatives of Municipalities of Prague 12, architects, project manager, representatives of the primary school of professor Švejnar and local residents. The residents of the area had a chance to raise their comments and their suggestions to the final project realization were incorporated into the project.

    9. Were attempts made to improve territorial cohesion within the city/town/district? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    10. Yes, the attempts to improve territorial cohesion were made within the Prague 12 Metropolitan district. The area “U Vlečky” was transformed into nice park equipped with modern benches, street lighting and barrier free access open to public. This place now serves as a relaxation place and is frequently used by all age groups of the area. A new pedestrian zone in front of the area “Labe” was built, the green vegetation was planted, the pavement were repaired and new system of pedestrian communication was developed, which enable the residents to reach the shopping centre from different directions and to access public transport more easily.

    11. Were there attempts to reduced disparities between districts within cities/towns achieved reduced? And, if so, how was success on this front gauged?
    12. The project does not reduce spatial or architectural disparities but it improves the attractiveness of a former neglected public spaces, which are an important meeting points for the residents. Due to the implementation of this project, the total size of 3,25 hectares of public green spaces were renovated in the area of Modřany and Komořany and the total of unused area of 1 hectare was revitalized. 212 trees, 3599 shrubs and 858 perennials were planted.

    13. Other important facts and comments, e.g. critical review.
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